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Terms of Service

This Terms of Service between Member and Pannonia-RefBack . You must read, understand and agree to the terms and conditions of this Membership Agreement by marking "I Read and Accept the Terms of Service". If you do not agree to all the terms and conditions of this Membership Agreement Terms of Service Pannonia-RefBack is unwilling to allow you to become a Member.
  • Pannonia-RefBack is not a PTC site and also it is not an advertisement site. Pannonia-RefBack is the way to increase your earnings on PTC sites by Ref-Back bonus offers.
  • Pannonia-RefBack has no relation to PTC sites that are listed on our program.
  • You only have one account on Pannonia-RefBack. You can not create multiple accounts on Pannonia-RefBack.
  • You must have a valid e-mail address and valid AlertPay/Paypal account to register our program.
  • You have to register PTC sites with Pannonia-RefBack's reference. If not, you can not make bonus profit on Pannonia-RefBack.
  • After registration you must send for me what is your username (masked pages, only mask number accepted) on the site. If you not send it, I can't approve your registration, and you don't get commission.
  • If a PTC site non paying in time, it will be move to the Watch list within 24 hours, after 7 day it will be move to the scam list.
  • You may trace/check your earnings by logging into your account.
  • Your clicks and earnings are transferred to your account when we get paid by PTC sites. You can not get bonus for your clicks on SCAM sites.
  • Your commission is my refferral earnings 80 % (Standard members) - 90 % (Premium members) percentage. Your earnings after your refferal: standard 5%, premium 10%
  • You can request your payment once your account balance is $2.00 or more. All payments are made via AlertPay/Paypal and no other payment method is being used at this time. You can only request one payment at a time and you will get paid within 24 hours
  • All earnings listed and/or represented by Pannonia-RefBack are estimated rates, actual rates subject to change with or without notice.
  • We have the right to suspend or terminate your account at any time, for any reason and without warning or notice. If you cheating or spamming
  • By joining Pannonia-RefBack, you agree that you shall be fully responsible for any filing of taxes that is required by your governmental authorities. Because of our worldwide, international status - we will not do this for you
  • If you register, you assume that this will be an active member within 5 days. Inactive accounts are deleted every 30 days
  • No investment is given back to reason. If there is a problem contact us!
  • don't send SPAM!
1. Inactive account

Every account will be suspended if you don't log in within 90 days. With the suspension, you will lose your balance and referals.
If you come back to the site, you can re-activate your account, or you can make a new one.

2. Privacy Policy

With your registration, you have agreed the following:
The Pannonia-RefBack site system cookies sent to registered users machine, which only serves to identify the users of the site.

3. Stored information

The system stores the user-specified data beyond the IP address and browser information, and the current account data.

4. Privacy security

The Pnnonia RefBack system operator and an appropriate arrangement ensures that the data members in any way not disclosed, and any third parties, under no circumstances be issued.
Secure data storage MySql database. Users can at any time, without giving any reason may request termination of their membership, and thus deleted from the final data from the system of Pannonia-RefBack.

5. For more information

The additional privacy to ask questions by sending a support ticket.
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