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How it work

How To Register & Add The PTC Site?

To Register, Follow the following steps.

  Step 1 :

  Register into our site. To Register click on the register button. 

 Step 2 :

  Login to Your Account.

Step 3 :

  Go to sites page.Click on the Active Sites.

Step 4 :

  Click on any PTC site Banner/ Link that are available in this page or on Add button.

 Step 5 :

  After clicking on the Banner, it will redirect to that PTC site?s register page. Register there. Make sure that our username is in the Referrer field. Similarly after clicking on add button it will show one popup window and you can click on the banner inside the popup window to register.

Step 6 :

  After that, come to our site's active sites page and click on the ADD button of that site to add that site into your account in our site. After click on add button it will open the same popup window and type your username of that site and then click on "Join Now" button. So that your clicks are count and your refback will update to your account.

 Step 7 :

  Then you have to go to your Joined Site section to check your site status.

  Step 8 :

  Thats all. You can add as many sites you like. These all sites are best and paying sites.

We Been Paid
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